Encanto Themed Party Characters

encanto party characters for hire mirabel and isabella birthday party entertainment

07 Apr 2022Encanto Themed Party Characters

It’s no surprise that your children love the new Encanto characters from the movie! The colors are vivid, the Encanto characters are larger than life, the music is addictive, and the story is relatable. This charming family, with all its quirks, reminds us of our own strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has a Bruno we can’t talk about. 

If you’re looking to hire Encanto party characters for your child’s next event, look no further than Fairytale Entertainment. We can provide your birthday party entertainment and fill it with singing, dancing and Encanto themed activities that your children will love to share in. Our Mirabella and Isabel princess party characters are sure to warm your hearts and fill your home with song and dance. Photos with these beloved party characters will be cherished for years to come. 

Fairytale Entertainment takes great pride in crafting each party character for hire. Our team works hard to build the themed party entertainment that matches the style and personality of the characters you love so much. Providing a magical experience for your child is always our goal. From the way our party characters look to how they engage with both children and adults. Fairytale Entertainment is your trusted source for Encanto theme party characters.

When booking party characters for kids, you have to be extremely careful. The primary trap is cost and it is very effective for a lot of parents who think they found a deal. After all, the photos look ok so why should you pay more! Unfortunately, you don’t discover the answer to that question until it’s too late. They cancel the day before, they never show up, they show up but you wish they didn’t, or they simply flop on the floor and talk to your kids. The horror stories are shared with us on a weekly basis. This strengthens our resolve to be the very best birthday party entertainment company around.

Call us today to book our Encanto theme party characters for your next party or special event. We look forward to speaking with you and answering all your questions.