Remote Control Car Racing Party for Kids Birthday in Michigan and Illinois

RC Car Racing Party

If you’re a parent or party planner looking for a remote control car racing birthday party, we have what you’re looking for. Finding kids entertainment for an RC car birthday party can be very challenging. However, an RC car racing party can be so much and it can span all ages. Whatever the reason for your party or event, an RC car racing party is a very exciting option to add on. 

Our RC car racing party includes two of the Arrma 1/10 Kraton 4x4 4S BLX Monster Truck RTR. This remote control car racing party allows your guests to participate in a series of RC car racing challenges that foster competition and fun. Your child and their guests will be able to compete in races, challenges, and obstacles they will truly enjoy! There is no doubt the adults will want to get in on the fun and test their RC car racing skills.

This RC car racing party has no exact age restrictions but younger children under 6 may have a very difficult time understanding how to control the RC car. Our remote control car racing party is intended for children over 6 years of age all the way up adults. This RC car racing party may be the perfect addition to a family picnic, church event, or birthday party with a wide range of guests looking for fun. Understanding the rules and limitations are very important but the fun is endless!

Due to the nature of this RC car racing party, we encourage you to book in advance. Ensuring the RC racing cars are fully prepped is very important. Because this RC car racing party requires a lot of batteries, we want to make sure they are fully charged and ready. We also want to make sure our RC car racing party hosts have the necessary time to prepare for your event. Call us today to schedule your RC car racing party for your child’s birthday party.

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