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Princess Tea Party

Bows and curls, dimples and lipstick, let us throw you a Princess Tea Party that you'll never soon forget! Hold up your pinky and sip tea with your child's favorite Fairytale Princess Character. The kids will be blown away by the presence of a beautiful Fairy Princess, Pirate Princess, Fashion Princess, Island Princess, Arabian Princess, Celtic Princess or a beloved Classic Princess brought to life from tales as old as time. 

Our Tea Party Princess Character will answer every question with grace, and offer advice on how to be a well-rounded princess. Don't forget to lay out a beautiful spread of dainty cakes and cookies. This is the moment they can sit and share together! The Tea Party Princess will also have Princess Games, prizes, balloons and more during her Princess Tea Party event.

Children will live their own fairytale when they have a princess tea party with their favorite princess party character. They will cherish the memory deep in their heart for years to come. Individual photos will be taken with each child and they will experience what it is like to party with royalty!

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