Return of Maleficent

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Return of Maleficent

hire maleficent party performer with sleeping beauty and prince Phillip party characters for kids birthday parties
PLEASE NOTE : Open Play Ticket MUST be Purchased to attend any event at The Fairytale FUN Place for children Ages 1-15. Open Play Tickets are good for all day play. Adults do not need Open Play Passes to enter.

The first in our Spooktober Fun Friday series, we bring you the Return of Maleficent. We’re kicking off October with a little spooky and a lot of magic! Witness a classic princess and her prince fend off the mischievous antics of Maleficent. This playful encounter will be a family favorite for kids of all ages. 

We invite you to bring out your children to meet Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip. There will be singing and dancing as you might expect from this enchanting couple. Your children will enjoy meeting this classic prince and princess. In a fitting twist for our spooktacular month, Maleficent will make an appearance creating a dramatic encounter for our prince and princess.

We encourage you to have your children in their favorite matching costume, whether it’s Sleeping Beauty, Prince Philip or Maleficent. This will provide memorable photos together as your children interact with these timeless storybook characters.

Please keep in mind that Fairytale Entertainment can provide these princess party characters for your personal birthday party or business events. We bring the magic to you! If you choose to book your party at the Fairytale Fun Place, keep in mind that our facility has been designed specifically for live character entertainment. No matter what direction you choose, we hope to make your event magical.