Food Truck Rally Fun Friday

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Food Truck Rally Fun Friday

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PLEASE NOTE : Fun Friday tickets NOW INCLUDE open play passes. Now, you only need ONE TICKET when booking your Fun Friday experience. Adults do not need Open Play Passes to enter.

Announcing a very special Fun Friday for the whole family. On Friday, May 20th, Clarkston is hosting a Food Truck Rally in our parking lot. There will be a variety of exciting options to choose from for everyone in the family. In lieu of all the festivities, we are featuring two of our very popular character themes to add some magic to the evening . We will have three separate event blocks with two set aside for our Mirabella and Isabel performance and another one for our Spider Hero appearance. 

The Food Truck Rally in Clarkston will be starting at 4:30pm and runs till 9pm. Our four Fun Friday events will be spread out in one hour blocks to meet the needs of a variety of people arriving throughout the night. We are offering special pricing for this event only. There will be a SINGLE TICKET PRICE of $15 per child to enter and enjoy ONE event block. Your event ticket will give you access to ONE of the three events throughout the night. We want to make sure everyone who pops in throughout the night has access to the character performances.

We are encouraging you to buy your tickets early and plan to eat at our Cowabunga Cafe or enjoy the variety of Food Trucks gathering outside. We are expecting a large crowd for this rally so make sure you make plans now. 

To reiterate, your event ticket gives you access to ONE of the three event blocks. 5-6pm (Mirabella & Isabel), 6-7pm (Spider Hero), 7-8pm (Mirabella & Isabel). Kids between the ages of 1 and 15 are required to have a special event ticket to enter. Adults with kids are free to enter. We look forward to seeing you there!

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