Concession Rentals for kids birthday party entertainment in michigan and illinois

Face Painting for Kids

When you rent kids birthday party entertainment, it is important to get the details right. Fairytale Entertainment specializes in providing top tier entertainment for kids birthday parties. Concession rentals are often a key part of typical kids birthday party entertainment. Providing these classic party rental services proves that children of all ages enjoy them.

Fairytale Entertainment features it’s popcorn maker and cotton candy machine as the perfect concession rentals for kids birthday parties. Our classic popcorn maker delivers movie theater quality popcorn that everyone loves! Our cotton candy machine puts out a high volume of thick, lucious spun sugar on a cone. Kids and adults alike become mesmerized as the cotton candy is spun from this popular concession rental

Our concession rentals have been packaged together to serve you best. Our popular popcorn maker and cotton candy machine come together with our sweet treat host. Rather than going through all the trouble to pick up, set up, prepare, serve, clean up and then return can be troubling for most parents and party planners. Our concession rentals have been combined together into our Sweet Treat Package. You get these wonderful concession rental items in one simple service. Let us handle your concession rentals in a convenient way by booking our Sweet Treat Package. You may also choose to include concession rental add-ons such as our candy station, hot dog service, ice cream cart and more.

As your trusted source for kids birthday party entertainment, you can rely on us to get all the details right for your big event. Concession rentals shouldn’t leave you frustrated and disappointed. Let Fairytale Entertainment take care of your concession rentals and help make your event everything you hope it will be.

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