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Kids DJ Party

Fairytale Entertainment parties are designed to be reliable, high quality experiences you can trust for your events. Our full time event planning team works hard to ensure your experience is enjoyable and meets your expectations. Our Kids DJ Parties were created for this exact reason. When you hire one of our fantastic party characters for kids, you can now enhance your experience with our Kids DJ package. You’ll be able to upgrade your music and dancing with our experienced Kids DJ package that includes a DJ host, professional sound system and loads of music everyone will love.




Our standard Kids DJ Party includes everything you need to have an amazing two hour experience filled with music, dancing and games. Our Kids DJ host brings all the equipment you need including a professional sound system, loads of music designed to appeal to your children as well as games and prizes. You’ll find yourself joining in and dancing with your guests like everyone else. Trust us to take care of the music so you can be free to prepare everything else.




Basic Lighting Add-On:

When booking our Kids DJ Package, you may choose to add on our basic DJ lighting package. This comes with 2 lighting trees loaded with 6 LED lights and one laser light to add some extra flare. 


Advanced Lighting Add-On:

Create the perfect DJ dance party with our full lighting package which includes an extra DJ host, 4 lighting trees loaded with 12 LED lights, 2 laser lights and 2 LED moving lights. This DJ lighting package surrounds your dance floor with all the lighting you need to create the perfect dance party experience.

Dry Ice Fog Machine Add-On:

Yes, you heard us right! You can rent a Dry Ice fog machine to create the perfect ambiance for that special dance or highlighted moment. You’ll be amazed at how low and thick this dry ice fog machine can be in the right setting. 


Standard Fog Machine or Bubble Machine Add-Ons:

To create that additional magic to your Kids DJ package, you may also choose to add on a standard fog machine rather than the dry ice fog machine should the price be better suited for your budget. Depending on the theme of your kids birthday party entertainment, you may also choose to add on our Bubble Machine which children go crazy over. The perfect addition to specific games, themes or character visits.


Character Visit Add-On:

Most of the time, we are adding our Kids DJ package to a themed character visit in order to enhance the experience and ensure the quality of the music, singing and dancing. However, it may be that you’ve discovered our DJ party package and may find our character visits to be an exciting idea to add to your birthday party or special event. Choose from a wide variety of themes that fit both young and old. We can work to customize your experience and ensure your guests have an amazing time. We can even consider custom character ideas if we’re given enough time. We will then customize the music and dancing to fit your character choice or party theme.

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Optional Add-ons
  • Basic DJ Lighting- +$249
  • Advanced DJ Lighting- +$399
  • Dry Ice Fog Machine- +$299
  • Standard Fog Machine- +99
  • Bubble Maker- +99

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