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Hire Kids Party Characters in Michigan and Illinois

Amazing Galactic Character Parties

Are you interested in a galactic adventure that will have your kids bursting with excitement?! From the distant reaches of the universe and a galaxy far away, come the Galactic Heroes! When it comes to Star Wars characters that your children all know and love, Fairytale Entertainment has you covered. From unforgettable Darth Villain parties to spectacular Rey parties, we know the in's and out's of what makes a truly spectacular birthday party. Our Galactic Hero character parties engage the kids in Jedi training, games, prizes, pictures, and much more! We specialize in keeping the magic alive, and also in the dreams and wishes of children all around the world!

At Fairytale Entertainment, we pride ourselves in not only providing the best live character entertainment in the industry, but also in being the best birthday party entertainment company in the world! We know that's a lot to live up to, but after 13 years of doing what we love, we've learned so much from our customers, the industry, and even from ourselves. Year after year, we strive to become better and better, racing against our own high-standards.