Halloween Party Entertainment Ideas

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Halloween Party Entertainment

As Autumn sets in and kids are returning to school, whispers and rumors about Halloween parties begin to swirl among kids and parents. The Halloween Party Planning begins early with many parents and Fairytale Entertainment has prepared several scary halloween party ideas for a broad range of themes.

Classic Monsters Package:

If you plan to hire scary entertainment for a halloween party, we have the perfect classic monsters for your party or event. Now, you can hire a frankenstein performer or rent a werewolf actor for your kids halloween party. Our Classic Monster Package includes Frankenstein, dracula,The Mummy and Werewolf. We present them in their classic form which may be fitting for your halloween party or event. You may choose to hire dracula or all four of these scary halloween monsters.

Scare Package:

In contrast to some of the other packages we provide, this package is meant to scare kids and is perfect for your teen halloween party. The scary party isn’t complete unless you hear a lot of screams. We will help you create the perfect jump scenes and creepy encounters you’re looking for in a high school halloween party. From scary clowns to chainsaw wielding madman, this package will produce the results you’re looking for. Our trained team knows how to maintain the perfect balance between safety and fright. Let us help you create a scary halloween party your teenagers will not forget.

Wizard Party Package:

If your kids are huge fans of the Harry Potter series, you might choose our wizard theme for your halloween party. These popular look-alikes will bring a little halloween magic to your party or event. Your guests will enjoy the halloween party games that come with these magical characters. Everyone will want their picture taken making their halloween event complete. There are three wizards available in the likeness of these popular characters but you may choose to only book one. Our sales team will help guide you in choosing the perfect party characters for your event.

Villain Kids Party Package:

Being the daughter of a great villain has its challenges. Our Mal and Evie Party Characters are a fantastic choice for your kids halloween party entertainment. This party is full of fun, games and prizes. Pushing aside their evil ways, Mal and Evie bring a party experience full of fun and laughter. Their balance of sweet and sour makes them a smart choice for a girls halloween party that is focused on fun and games.

Vampire Girl Party Package:

As parents search for halloween party ideas that are appropriate for their younger children, our vampire girl party may be the perfect match. Based off a popular character, Vampirina, our vampire girl party character brings all the excitement you’re looking for in a kids halloween party. Her halloween games and music will keep your kids entertained the entire time. A perfect solution for a not-too-scary halloween party.

Dorothy & the Wicked Witch Package:

If you’re looking for a classic halloween party idea, this combo might be perfect. As fans of The Wizard of Oz, these storybook characters can come alive for your adult halloween party. Opening with a brief skit, these two party characters will whisk you away to another world full of adventure and amazing creatures. This halloween party package is best with both characters Dorothy and Wicked Witch.

Classic Villains:

Finally, we have an amazing selection of villain characters for a halloween party. Choose characters such as: Darth Villain, KyRen, Captain Hook, The Incredible Giant, Minions, and Bat Hero. All of these character parties are amazing and audiences love them! Whether you’re throwing an small kids halloween party or a school halloween party, these villain characters are the perfect choice to add some extra fun and excitement to your event. Nobody passes up a selfie with a villain!

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