Fashion Guy

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Fashion Guy

Title: Unleash the Glamour:

Hire Our Fashion Guy Party Character for an Unforgettable Birthday Bash in Metro Detroit and the Chicagoland Area!


Are you ready to bring a touch of glitz and glamor to your child's birthday party or special event? Look no further! Fairytale Entertainment presents the perfect addition to your celebration - our Fashion Guy Party Character! Step into the world of fashion and elegance as our charming and stylish Ken entertains your little guests with an unforgettable experience. Paired with our fabulous Fashion Doll party character, this fashion-themed birthday extravaganza is the ultimate way to create lasting memories for your child in Metro Detroit and the Chicagoland area.

A Fashionable Dream Come True:

At Fairytale Entertainment, we understand that children dream of magical worlds and extraordinary adventures. Our Fashion Guy Party Character brings those dreams to life by captivating young minds with his charismatic presence and stylish demeanor. Dressed in the latest trends, Ken will mesmerize the kids with his runway-worthy outfit and vibrant personality. The fashion party will immerse the children in an enchanting experience, making them feel like they're a part of a real-life fashion show.

Dance and Sing Along:

Get ready to bust a move as Ken lights up the dance floor! Our Fashion Guy is not only a fashion icon but also a fantastic dancer and singer. He will lead the kids in thrilling dance moves and charming sing-alongs that will have everyone joining in on the fun. The energy and excitement will be contagious, leaving children and adults alike with smiles from ear to ear.

Runway Extravaganza:

It's time for the little stars to shine! With our Fashion Guy leading the way, the kids will have their moment in the spotlight on a fabulous mini-runway. Each child will get the chance to strut their stuff and showcase their individuality, boosting their confidence and leaving them feeling like supermodels for the day. The runway activity will create a sense of camaraderie among the guests, making the celebration truly memorable.

Games and Activities:

The fashion party doesn't stop with the runway. Our Fashion Guy will engage the children in exciting and interactive games, ensuring everyone is involved and having a blast. The games will add an extra layer of enjoyment to the event.

Balloons and Special Gifts:

No birthday party is complete without vibrant decorations and surprise treats! Our Fashion Guy will twist balloons for kids in simple shapes and animals. Every child loves a colorful balloon to take away from the experience.

Pair with Our Girl Fashion Dolls:

For the ultimate fashion party experience, consider hiring both our Fashion Guy and our enchanting Fashion Doll. Together, they will create a dynamic duo that will leave the children enchanted with the world of fashion and style. The combination of Ken and our Fashion Doll will make your party stand out, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience that will be the talk of the town for years to come.

Trusted Source for Kids Party Characters:

At Fairytale Entertainment, we take pride in providing top-notch entertainment for kids' birthday parties and special events in Michigan and Illinois. With a wide range of professionally trained characters, including our Fashion Guy, we ensure that every party we attend is filled with joy, laughter, and enchantment.


Unleash the magic of fashion at your child's birthday party or special event with our Fashion Guy Party Character. Metro Detroit and the Chicagoland area are in for a treat as they witness their little ones embrace the world of style, dance, and glamor. Don't miss this chance to create an unforgettable celebration that will leave a lasting impression on your child and their guests. Fairytale Entertainment is here to make dreams come true, one fashionable party at a time! Book our Fashion Guy Party Character now and get ready for an experience like no other.

Fashion Guy Character Details

Meet and Greet

40 min

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For our Michigan location
Travel Charges May Apply - $20 and up
Perfect Party Package

1 Hour

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For our Michigan location
Travel Charges May Apply - $20 and up
Special Moments Package

90 Minutes

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For our Michigan location
Travel Charges May Apply - $20 and up
Optional Add-ons
  • Multi Character Discounts Available
  • Multi Hour Discounts Available
  • Candy Filled Pinata - $60
  • Additional Gifts - $10 Each

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