The story of Peter Pan has been one that children have enjoyed for a long time and now they can experience it like never before with Fairytale Entertainment's Peter Pan character party. Watch as your children light up while playing the many games that he will bring along with him. This party idea is a sure hit.

peter pan Party Includes:

  • Peter Pan Grand EntranceGrand Entrance-
    Peter Pan comes playfully marching into your fairytale party with a passion for fun. He greets each of your party guests and gathers them together as his band of lost boys and girls.
  • Peter Pan Treasure HuntTreasure Hunt-
    There be a treasure map and Peter Pan will lead the children to it before that notorious Captain Hook can get to it. All the children can share in the booty!
  • Peter Pan Games and PrizesGames and Prizes-
    Just like in Neverland, Peter Pan loves to play! This is his favorite part of the party. He loves to keep a good attitude, play fair and win prizes!
  • Peter Pan BalloonsBalloons-
    Peter Pan has so much fun making balloons! Every little boy gets his own lost boy sword to make believe they are in Neverland with Peter and the pirates.
  • Peter Pan PicturesPictures-
    Each party guest can playfully pose with the Pan. He's as playful in his photos as he is during the games.
  • Peter Pan A Special Gift!A Special Gift!-
    You never know what Peter will pull out of his hat for the birthday boy. Life is always an adventure. He loves to share a piece of Neverland with your special little one.